Welcome to Aberlink Innovative Metrology.

The largest UK-owned manufacturer of Coordinate 蚂蚁娱乐平台登录 Machines (CMM), vision systems and 3D measurement software.

Aberlink's CMMs and innovative metrology products are renowned throughout the world for being easy to use, great value for money and providing customers with measuring 蚂蚁娱乐平台登录 they can trust. We design and manufacture products that increase component through-put and remove inspection bottlenecks, helping to exceed quality requirements.

蚂蚁娱乐平台登录 Case Studies

Vert Rotors

Vert Rotors

"The Axiom too CMM has proved very reliable and the accuracy is equally impressive given the price." Learn more..



"The Xtreme has substantially increased the through-flow of work, allowing staff to carry out other tasks." Learn more..

GoodFabs CMM Case Study


"Due to the Axiom too's accuracy we can now measure components to much tighter tolerances." Learn more..

Pacson 蚂蚁娱乐平台登录 CMM Case Study

Pacson 蚂蚁娱乐平台登录

"Our Zenith 3 CMM has completely removed bottlenecks. We're saving a lot of time." Learn more..

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